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ISSG, Inc. - Information Systems Services Group
ECM Architect Position Purpose: Directly supports Document Management, Data Classification, Records Management, eDiscovery initiatives by analysing the flow of unstructured content within the organization and directs its information resources to better serve the organizations strategic goals. Collaborates and assists in the process of building appropriate business relationships between the ECM
and business units through identifying opportunities to direct high quality information from a variety of sources to users, based upon their profiles and needs. Acts as a key communication channel for identifying deliverables that meet business needs. Assists business users with configuration of supporting ECM systems to meet business needs. The ECM environment incorporates public web sites, employee portal (Intranet/Extranet), cloud-based and on-premise document environments (Sharepoint), Records Management and eDiscovery system (OpenText), and enterprise document scanning/archiving. Principal Accountabilities: Liaisons with Data Classification initiatives to map the various classification levels against Company collaboration systems (SharePoint, OpenText, and File Shares) and ensures that those systems are configured to enforce the appropriate policies and procedures for each level. Gathers and analyzes analytics information on usage of ECM systems to identify trends and patterns. Uses this information to recommend changes to the existing systems and contents based on those patterns to ensure environments best meet user's needs. Maintains partnership with users. Includes developing full understanding of user roles in the information system life cycle, promoting user participation and assisting users to understand the technologies being employed to satisfy their information requirements. Analyzes and evaluates business area requirements for Records Management to support enforcement of retention schedule, policies, and eDiscovery efforts. Leads projects to configure ECM system to support those requirements. Analyzes and evaluates business area requirements for systems solutions that will improve business processes and provide improved information flow of unstructured data. Includes investigating and analysing existing manual or computerized systems, identifying, analysing and documenting key business requirements for use in creating physical repositories. Support strategies for maintaining information systems that support the business processes. Clearly identified links between business strategies and IT strategies. Proactively market the available technology and application systems that can assist in optimizing business results. Documents policies and procedures for integrating Master Data Manage (MDM) environment into Company's ECM systems so that documents can be appropriately tagged and tracked in support of records management and data classification initiatives. Ensures that content types and term sets are consistent across all ECM environments. Applies cost benefit analysis techniques and recommends high level solutions that support end user practices and activities. Includes evaluating and highlighting the benefits of the current features of Company's business specific applications to solve business issues ensuring alignment with business strategies. Participates with other members of the application team in investigating and modelling business functions and processes using methodical and consistent techniques. Includes specifying information flows, processes/procedures and data objects that will meet business requirements. Includes taking part in client meetings and assist in presenting issues and solutions both orally and in writing. Participates in defining and executing test cases using agreed methods and standards. Documents test failures and successes based on pre-determined criteria. Reports test results to team and business customer to identify appropriate solutions or workarounds. Works with ECM System Engineers to produces system specifications to support business needs and requirements. Assists other members of the development team improve functionality and performance of new releases by discussing features of new releases. Includes assisting in the production of schedules for managing mirror release to live infrastructure, attending to simple enquiries on the status of new releases, using the release management database where appropriate, participating in the rollout of software and related hardware. Job Requirements: Bachelors degree in Business,
Science, Engineering or Equivalent 7 years experience in system analysis and design with an emphasis on Enterprise Content Management tools and processes. The incumbent should have some business experience to be able identify opportunities and support users in their business and to be able to act as an intermediate between users and IT professionals. 3-5 years experience with collaboration tools such as SharePoint, OpenText, or similar technologies. Experience or working knowledge in the areas of records management, document management, eDiscovery and Master Data Management MYK62683JR - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist